There is a story of redemption happening in Myanmar right now.

For nearly 50 years (1962-2011), Myanmar was completely closed to the Gospel and experienced a myriad of civil wars and repressive military rule. The nation has since opened its borders and hope of a brighter future is arising like never before.

We believe the holistic Gospel has the power not only to change individual lives, but to transform a nation.

It is God’s appointed time for Myanmar.


Our Heart for Myanmar

globeMyanmar is one of the most unreached countries in the world.
92%of the population is non-Christian
53unreached people groups in Myanmar

Since we started,

7839people made decisions for Christ.
100,781full & partial Bibles were distributed
66,000digital conversations with evangelists

Here I am.
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Isaiah 6:8

"God, if there's a dream on your heart that no one else is picking up, then dream your dream through me."
- Jimmy Seibert